Children Who Have Learned To Swim


Est. 2012

Owner and Instructor Paige believes that children learn better and progress faster with private lessons. The lessons are tailored to each student with emphasis on basic water safety and knowledge of the pool. Each student is taught using a personalized lesson plan, which includes many skills and, of course, having fun!


Paige also believes that it is important to start your child in swim lessons early, which is why she starts teaching children at the age of 4 months old. There is no age limit on lessons. Paige's Swim Academy specializes in water safety, stroke technique, water polo prep and swim team prep.


Because lessons are private, the progress is greater, which results in fewer swim lessons to accomplish the same tasks than compared to group lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes of one on one instruction. Lessons are recommended twice a week, but the frequency of the lessons is paramount to your child's success.

Why Choose Private Lessons?



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