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Children Who Have Learned To Swim


Est. 2012

About Us

Paige's Swim Academy is the only swim school in the League City/ Kemah area that specializes and only teaches 1 on 1 private swim lessons. 


Our unique indoor facilities featuring warm watered pools and a climate-controlled environment, instant video feedback and mirrors at the bottom of every pool. Our facility is set up so that swimmers of all ages can learn, develop, and grow both in and out of the pool. We provide a safe, fun, and sometimes challenging program for our swimmers, using the same tools that the Olympic swimmers do. Our swim lessons are not just for competitive swimmers! We believe that swimming is a life skill and the best way towards lifelong water safety is learning to swim properly. That is why we offer approachable swim lessons to beginners of all ages. Our combined technology and individualized attention together helps new swimmers learn to swim quickly.


Our Facility

Our facility was designed with safety, comfort and quality instruction in mind. The pool is the focal point of the facility. Each pool has its own private viewing room, this keeps children and spectators safely out of the pool area while waiting and watching, but allows unobstructed viewing of the entire pool from the comfort of the viewing area, and ultimate focus for your swimmer and their coach. The pool area air and water are kept at a warm temperature and is adjusted based on the time of the year. This allows students to be comfortable in and out of the water. There are stairs for easy entry and exit from the pool. The sides of the pool have built in ledges of different depths so children of any age can also learn where they can touch bottom to gain comfort in the water and stay safe.


We chose chlorinated water for its exceptional benefits of stable, long-lasting germ control. Also, our superior pump system completely turns over the pool water every hour and a half, so that our swimmers, parents, and coaches are always swimming in the cleanest water. Our comprehensive reusable swim diaper policy is designed to avoid accidents in the water. Keeping fecal contaminants out of the pool keeps germs from spreading as well as allows us to keep the pool open at all times per health department regulations. Our pool is fully grounded so that there is no danger from lightening while swimming in the pool.


The Paige’s Swim Academy mini retail shop sells everything you need for class. Swim diapers, reusable ear plugs, goggles, swim caps, wet bags, chlorine removing body wash and towels.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed exclusively for Paige’s Swim Academy in consultation with experts in the swim industry. Our lessons have been and will remain only private 1 on 1. Our coaches are experienced, fully trained and First Aid/CPR/AED certified.  

Our curriculum includes:

  • Becoming comfortable in the water and banishing fears of going underwater

  • Safety around water

  • Proper entry and exit from a pool

  • Floating on back

  • Survival “Swim Float Swim” sequence

  • Step by step progressions for learning proper technique for kicking and arm strokes

  • Proper freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and butterfly

  • Competency and endurance while swimming

  • Additional life skills: listening, taking turns, perseverance, how to fail and try again, goal setting, making friends and much more. 


Paige’s Swim Academy’s mission of “Build Safe Swimmers, One Lesson at a Time” is front and center at our swim school. The state-of-the-art facility has been designed for a learn to swim program for ages 4 months and up, from beginners to a competitive swim team. The program will not only get swimmers comfortable in the water and able to swim across the pool, but provide them education on safety around water and take them through a journey of learning that will serve them for life. Our end goal for students who complete ALL checkboxes in the curriculum is to be able to safely and fully participate in water activities for the rest of their life. They will be able to go on a family vacation and swim in the ocean, to surf or waterski, to scuba or snorkel, to join a competitive swim team, or to go to the pool with friends and be able to swim in the deep end and jump off the diving board.

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